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Birth services

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All About Me

I have felt called by the Lord to birth work since the beginning of 2020 at sixteen years old, and since then I have attended many trainings and seminars, and have become officially certified as a labor doula! I worked at a beautiful birth center in Denver CO for nearly a year and was constantly surrounded by reminders that I am right where God wants me to be. I am a Christian and Young Living - specific holistic doula specializing in bringing herbal alternatives to the birth space to Christian and military families, as I myself am from a military family background, and am strong in my faith. I stand for freedom and for the constitutional rights we have in this country. I do not simply comply without doing my own research to making an educated decision for myself and my health, and what goes in my body or not. Because of this, I am solely doula-ing for birth center births that allow the doula to waive the vaccination policy and of course for homebirths!

I am also in training to become a certified herbalist, and will be moving to California fall 2022 to get my bachelors in biblical counseling that I will offer alongside my doula services to women dealing with miscarriage, a traumatic birth experience, and to women who've had pervious sexual trauma that is now effecting their pregnancy journey.

I am currently located in Lafayette CO, but serve all over the Denver metro area.


Interested in my services? Let's set up a consultation and see if I am a good match for you, your family, and your birth goals! I offer the full shabang of doula services, along with military discounts.

Xoxo, Abby

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